A proven business model and profitable opportunity, franchise of schools is the most established industry in the contemporary market. Pre-schools and K-12 schools are gaining importance in terms of education and day-care facilities in the modern context than ever before. Investment in this field is, thus, not only a humble effort towards education but also the smart way to expend less and earn high returns.

With a legacy of nation-building and high-quality education in India, the name 'Birla Open Minds' is synonymous of the 4 C's – Care, Co-operation, Collaboration and Courtesy. The Birla family has always been renowned for its focus on education and has the heritage of business and philanthropy that reflects on all the endeavours undertaken by them. A diverse and researched curriculum, integrated learning opportunities and organized daycare facilities with well-planned schedules and operations are the main features of the brand. With their experience in this field and a supporting team from Birla Edutech Ltd., owning a Birla Open Minds school is an experience that could be immensely rewarding.

Franchise Procedure

  1. Connect With Birla Open Minds

  2. KYC Check

  3. Face to Face Meeting

  4. Franchise Signup

To know more about partnership and franchise with Birla Open Minds, kindly fill the form given below. One of our executives shall connect with you soon.

Birla Open Minds School Franchise Form

360o Unique Birla Open Minds Support


  • Providing creative design that ensure an aesthetically pleasing, eco-friendly and safe environment for all stakeholders involved along with complete infrastructural solutions and guidance.
  • All elements of infrastructure are linked to the curriculum aspects of the brand.
  • Providing concept, floor and elevation plans to ensure efficiency in capital investments and 24/7 support for the same.


  • Experienced and highly qualified R&D team creates and upgrades the unique Birla curriculum that merges seamlessly with various Indian and international boards.
  • Providing detailed teacher manual, creative worksheets, appropriate flash cards and videos and all the required resources.
  • Providing specialised plans for summer camp, sports day and annual day


  • Teacher Training Workshops are conducted by the R & D team of Birla Edutech Ltd for teachers at regular intervals to ensure quality of teaching is at par with international standards.
  • The workshop modules focus on cutting edge learning approaches in every subject; induction and enrichment training; learner centric activities, interactive lessons and blended solutions.
  • Teachers are observed through onsite Teacher Support Rounds and counselled one on one to ensure seamless execution of the curriculum in the classroom environment.


  • Birla Edutech supports the partner for the recruitment of the heads and core staff for the school.
  • Birla Edutech assists the partner to understand a 5 years tentative Return on Investment (ROI) and guides them enable reaching their targets.
  • Birla Edutech supports the partner schools with advisory support for maintenance of accounts, finance and monthly information systems to ensure smooth operations of the school to ensure targets are met.


  • Planning and implementing ramp up of school infrastructure, students, teachers, and other critical resources
  • Guidance in obtaining various regulatory permissions, NGO'S affiliation etc
  • Support schools in procurement of Registration and Students kits and fee finalization
  • Conduct of annual quality audits for enhancing the overall standard of schools
  • Assist the schools in conducting affective Parent Orientations and admissions processes
  • Support the schools in setting up all other required processes for efficient operations on a day basis through a dedicated team ensuring 24/7 support


  • Providing innovative and successful marketing strategies in conjuction with local norms and strategies.
  • Designing and providing collaterals such as hoardings, banners, posters etc to ensure brand visibility and communication are in sync with brand values.
  • Digital marketing plans and guidance are provided to ensure a more targeted approach to prospective parents
  • Detailed launch plan and PR guidance to successfully launch the school/s.


  • Providing technical support for new internetworking setup and appliances
  • Designing and implementing school specific websites
  • Regular updation school activities news on websites
  • Creation and maintenance of official email accounts and FTP's ensuring strict privacy and security