Birla Open Minds International School

(Rajound - Haryana)


Principal's Message


Ms.Romita Sharma : Principal

The sole purpose of education is to replace empty mind with an open one. The sole purpose of the society is to shape up the personalities and developing the minds of the young learners and facilitate ample of opportunities with the means for attaining knowledge to develop their vision of leading a responsible life and be a proud citizen of our country. We try to enrich the dream of Global Citizenship where Love Peace and Solidarity will be the core values irrespective of Caste, Colour, Creed, Sex, Religion and Nationality. All activities in the classrooms or outside the class room are designed and conducted with a specific aim of fostering observation, inculcating confidence, values, tolerance and above all shape up the character of the students. Patience, intelligence, talent and ability are key ingredients of a personality of a person, but hard work is that little salt it palatable.

Children value encouragement and guidance to face unpredictable opportunities of life since they are individuals and education subordinates these individuals. At our school every child is treated as a handful of clay and our constant endeavour is to shape their future in such a way that they turn out to be the dynamic leaders of tomorrow. Education that builds fundamental traits of character, honesty, teamwork, compassion, courage and positive temperament is the need of the hour. It is here that our school plays a vital role in providing meaningful and quality education to all pupils. The only person who is educated is the one who has learned – how to learn and change.

We had developed a positive culture in our school where students felt accepted, valued, respected and included in the school. We promoted positive relationships amongst students, staff, and parents. Motivating, Holistic, Patriotic, Team-building, Anti-bullying strategies, along with counselling and programs that develop social and emotional skills environment was included while planning for a session. Positive relationships with parents also assisted in supporting their children's attendance at school. I believe that we cannot teach or educate rather we can make them learn. We tried to develop Confidence, Self-Reliance, Academic Achievement, Motivation to Learn, and Psychological Well-Being Expression of feelings and views, Team-spirit, Leadership, Peer-Group learning, Trust, Respect- for Nation, School, Teachers, Parents, Our Helpers and Community at large.


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