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Birla Open Minds Preschool


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Birla Open Minds Preschool

Welcome to Birla Open Minds Preschool - ''Ranked No. 1 Preschool in Hyderabad & Telangana for two consecutive years: 2015-16 & 2016-17. It is also ranked as No. 9 pan India by Education Today!!Birla Open Minds Preschool has received two more awards - "The Best School Franchisee" by Education World India Preschool Rankings for the academic year 2016-17 and also ranked amongst the top 5 preschools in the standalone preschool category, according to a survey conducted by Digital learning.

Latest News & Events

  • Admissions are open now for the academic session (2019-2020)
  • Birla Open Minds Preschool Gopanpally teachers, Ms. Maithili, Ms. Priya and Ms. Rupal were awarded among the 'Best 25 Teachers' by Edustar which is an initiative by Teachers Help Teachers organisation to honour and respect educators for their contribution in the field of education. They received the certificates in an award ceremony held in Mumbai on 14th September, 2019. Ms. Purnima was also awarded as the 'National Creative Teacher' by CED Foundation Trust during an award ceremony in Delhi on 8th September, 2019.
  • Important Dates :
    8th - 12th July 2019 – Vanamahotsav week (In house)

    6th July2019 – Parent teacher Association meeting

    20th July 2019 – Parent's Day

    29th July 2019– school closed on account of Bonalu
  • Quote of the Month :
    "Share your smile with the world.It's a symbol of friendship and peace."
  • Article of the Month :
    How can little Preschoolers save water ?
    Our children will be stewards of our planet earth if we inculcate early, habits that are directed towards conserving Earth's most valuable resources such as water.
    Turn off the faucets while brushing teeth or scrubbing their soapy hands and face

    Tightly turn off the faucets- Be a leak Detective!

    Drop tissues in the trash instead of flushing them and save water every time.

    Watering plants – Encourage your children to collect discarded water from RO purifier, 'old' water from leftover water bottles, half drank cups or boiled eggs and use it to hydrate your plants. Make sure your children understand why it's so important to reuse water when possible instead of simply pouring unwanted water down the drain.

    Reward children for the water saving tips they follow.

Educational Programmes

The Parent Toddler Programme is a well planned works on the premise of providing the little learners a strong and sure start. This programme is for parents and their tots celebrates the art, the science and most importantly - the joy of parenting. It aims to enrich the parent-child relationship which is often jeopardized by the frenzied rush of modern lifestyle. The children in this program are divided into:

  • Infant Group – 8 months to 14 months
  • Toddler Group : 14 Months to 2 Years

This programme provides a jump start to the parent-child reciprocal relationship and sensorially stimulating activities lead to increased neural connections. In addition, enhanced parenting skills through specialist workshops and the parent support group provide a beautiful impetus to the children's initial learning.


This programme has been specially created for the little children in the age group of 2 years to 3 years. The programme focuses on making the process of learning 'joyful' in a safe and secure learning environment. Though we have well planned schedule for this age group, the schedule also provides the teacher complete flexibility to maneuver the session as per the needs of the children in the class and the facilitator 'moves with the child' at his or her pace. Utmost care is taken to ensure that the children are given experiences that take care of the most important age appropriate life skills required. Skills of dressing up, taking care of own self, feeding oneself, understanding own bowel needs and be able to use the wash room, etc are included in day to day routine.


Children in the age group of 3 to 4 years are like little masters/ miss who are now ready to explore more every day while being away from their primary care givers. The young learners are given the freedom to explore and engage with the caring support of the facilitators. The sessions are all about 'building with them' the learning process. While getting the young learner to build on their intuitive learning process, care is taken that each learner explores his/ her unique learning style too! The facilitator guides and supports the whole process of this joyful exploration.


While catering to the age group of 4 to 5 years, the facilitator is ready to take the young learners to the next level of 'achievement'. The skill sets are by now showing preferences and the need to challenge them becomes imperative. Learning by exploration remains the style where the young learner achieves a sense of fulfillment on completion of a task and this in turn gives him/ her confidence required to move ahead and learn more.


'Excelling at a task' is the focus of the young learner now and for that facilitator works as a motivator. The skills sets by now have evolved and the learner is all set to bring about the finesse into every action. This is best brought out by the repeated practice session ingrained into the curriculum. This is also the stage where the young learner is prepared for formal schooling as the next level and hence given a chance at portraying skills and knowledge on a common platform where the ever important Learning Outcomes of a Preschool are visible.

The Learning Outcomes are displayed beautifully through their thought and actions which are only making them 'FUTURE READY'. Besides these there are many more that the young learner accumulates and all of these go hand in hand.

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