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Birla Open Minds Preschool

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Ms. Priti Ambekar : Centre Head

Passionate about education and compassionate about children, Priti Ambekar has spent over 20 years of her life working on the holistic development of children's early needs. Her philosophy that education and learning should be inclusive has led her to design and execute the programme "Early Intervention for Children" in Ort India, http://www.ortindia.org and also having her own Learning Centre "MY MIND MAPS".

Her academic background is rich and diverse and well augmented. She holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education from Ort India, affiliated to Cambridge University. She followed that with a Diploma in learning disability from AVM. She also has a Post Graduate Diploma in Management of Education from Mumbai University. She has also studied the Robert Karkhuff model of Counselling for self-help as a certification program, and REBT as a therapy for children. To her credit, she also has a Master of Arts in Education and a certified Mind Map trainer.

Amongst her many achievements, she has designed a model for teacher training based on school management and effective teaching learning classroom strategies. Priti has made significant contributions in the role of a teacher, teacher educator and Centre head. As a Principal, she helmed Ort India teachers training college, Podar Jumbo kids and The little Company. She has been a friend, mentor and coach to all the trainee teachers. Her passion lies in creating teachers who are compassionate and all-inclusive in their approach to teaching.

Currently she is working in the capacity of the centre head With Globe Toters, A BIRLA PRESCHOOL, Nepeansea road branch, and the co-ordinator for the ECCEd course, which is a one year diploma in teacher training. She is currently concentrating on developing and implementing the rich curriculum devised by Birla Edutech and following the developmentally appropriate practices in the preschool. She strongly believes that a well run school can only be known, from the happiness quotient of the children.

From Priti Ambekar's desk:
I sincerely feel that with great Power comes great responsibility. Similarly, educating the young lives of children is an extremely powerful task which needs to be handled with conscious responsibility. Learning is an ongoing process, and to be able to do that with ease, expertise and enthusiasm is the only approach the stake holders should carry within their minds. This should be followed and also transferred to the young minds to build their foundation years with love and compassion and build their trust in this beautiful journey of education.

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