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Birla Open Minds International School

(Vapi - Gujarat)


Pre - School

Children are enrolled into different programmes according to their age :
  • Pre - Nursery
  • Nursery
  • Kindergarten 1
  • Kindergarten 2

The thematic curriculum for preschool draws on neuroscientific research, on how the brain learns naturally and which learning experiences are relevant at a particular age and stage in life. Developmental Appropriateness, Brain Compatible Learning and the theory of Multiple Intelligence guide the creatively designed curriculum for preschoolers to ensure learning for all children.

Preschool learning areas

  • Practical life – developing independent skills
  • Sensorial - acquiring clear conscious information, and making classifications in the environment.
  • Numeracy
  • Language
  • Handwriting
  • Environmental studies
  • Cultural studies
  • Technology
  • Primary and moral development

Primary School



The Curriculum for grades 1-5 is thoughtfully planned to ensure that each child at school enjoys these years in learning, discovery and creative engagement. Research on how the brain learns best, developmental appropriateness, the theory of Multiple Intelligences and the National Curricular Framework, 2005 have guided the planned curriculum.

Learning Environment is an affirmative and enabling one. Bright airy learning spaces, creative learning centres, comfortable reading nooks, integrated laboratories, ICT laboratories, exciting and interactive display boards, break out and break free zones and so on create an environment that catalyses learning.

Assessment is continuous and comprehensive. An ongoing process, it guides the learner in their pursuit of learning; also, a theme end summative assessment ensures timely feedback on degree of achievement of individuals as well as grade-level outcomes. These, in turn, guide teachers and parents to provide challenge or support, as per need, in a 'timely' and 'effective' manner. The progress of each child is shared through detailed report books along with a portfolio of documented work making learning visible to all.

All these thoughtful processes ensure the fulfillment of our ultimate goal of teaching in a way that all students learn.

Middle School

At Birla Open Minds International School Vapi, we emphasise on providing an inspiring school environment that enables a shift from rote methods to a course beyond textbooks.

The curriculum aims to provide experiences and opportunities for students to think differently, analyse and evaluate independently and foster a place where we can soften subject boundaries and connect knowledge to life outside the school.

The Middle School Curriculum at Birla Open Minds International School Vapi though unique, merges seamlessly with the ICSE/CBSE/IB/IGCSE boards. Till class 7, Birla Open Minds International School Vapi offers a unique Birla curriculum and Class 8 onwards the curriculum is designed keeping in mind the culminating Board examination.

The co-scholastic areas of the middle school gives the students the opportunity to express themselves - such as arts, drama, music, various individual and team sports and community service projects. Life Skills and Physical Education and Outbound Programmes are also an integral part of the middle and high school curriculum.


High School


The Primary and Middle school approach of using experiential and student centric methodologies continues in the Birla Open Minds International School Vapi High School years. The transition is smooth and allows the students to prepare for the school leaving certificate examinations. At the High School stage, Birla Open Minds International School Vapi, The students can opt for CBSE boards.

Beyond Academics


Clubs and societies – to facilitate holistic development and make learning fun, we conduct activities in different clubs all through the academic year.

Field trips and undertakings – based on various topics field trips would be organised to give students a hands on experience, consolidate and make learning enduring.
Field trips and educational excursions are an enjoyable form of experiential learning. They provide children with ample opportunities to explore and understand complex concepts and are an excellent source of supplementary learning.

Subject Festivals – A three day subject festival where English, Hindi, Math and science are celebrated to develop the knowledge and joy of learning towards that subject.

Creative arts – to develop students motor skills, gross motor skills, hand eye coordination, imagination and creativity.

Traditional art – Learning from the roots. Motivating students to understand Indian traditional art and help them learn one.

Scouts and guides

Sports and games

Visual and performing arts – exploring culture and creativity

Physical Fitness and Sports
  • We provide an extensive sports and physical education programme Called “Stride”.
  • Every individual Student’s health is assessed and monitored to facilitate the physical development of the child.
  • Sports form an integral part in the school and a student’s regular day in the school starts with sports wherein they are trained by professional coaches.
  • Martial art and self defense training is compulsory for all students.

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