Birla Open Minds Preschool

(Vyapar Vihar - Bilaspur)


About Birla Open Minds Preschool

Birla Open Minds, offers a comprehensive solution for education that envelopes the individual's learning, right from the formative early years to K-12 schooling.

Birla Open Minds encompasses wide - ranging interests in the sphere of high quality education with dedication to excellence. Our first Birla Open Minds School initiated its operations in 2010, and today, it has grown to 65+ Preschools and 55+ K-12 Schools throughout India.

Birla Open Minds takes great pride in possessing a close-knit community of academicians, researchers and professionals. We focus on providing contemporary and world-class education for NURTURING INDIA'S TOMORROW.

The Birla Open Mind schools provide a nurturing environment wherein young children feel loved, cared, secured, respected and valued. The school focuses on 4 C's: Care, Co-operation, Collaboration and Courtesy. We believe that today's children are tomorrow's leaders!

Our Journey

The Birla Open Minds Preschool is an initiative of Birla Edutech Limited. Birla Edutech Limited - a Yash Birla Group company has embarked on a journey to revolutionise education in India, by becoming educational transformers for learners across all educational segments - be it Preschool, K-12 school, continuous education, technological or vocational education.

The Birla family has a legacy of nation building and understands the significance of a high-quality education system. The Birla family has always been renowned for its focus on education and has the heritage of business and philanthropy that reflects on all the endeavours undertaken by them.


Vision and Mission

The direction in which an individual starts his education determines his future. At Birla Open Minds Preschool (BOMPS), we provide a well researched, diverse and rigorous curriculum which enables students to discover and explore new horizons, new passions and new dimensions.

Vision » Birla Open Minds Preschools (BOMPS) have pledged to prepare innovative, skilled and economically independent individuals who will be leaders in their respective fields.

Mission » Birla Open Minds Preschool (BOMPS), aims at holistic development of children by providing a firm academic foundation through a selection of Indian or International board, an opportunity to learn beyond the academic rigour using state of the art facilities at our innovation centres, all of which is powered and supported by the hard-working R&D team of Birla Edutech Limited.


The Birla Open Minds Preschools (BOMPS), firmly reiterate and restore what Tagore called the hallmark of childhood - 'joy of learning' and 'the creative spirit'. BOMPS believes in the uniqueness of each child thereby fostering holistic development through integrated learning opportunities. Our philosophy is based on the constructivist approach, where the learners are actively involved in their learning in a democratic environment. Learning experiences are interactive and student-centric, progressing from known to unknown, concrete to abstract and local to global. A learner at BOMPS develops global perspective and life skills to help and excel in his or her desired field.

The Logo

The BOMPS Logo underlines the philosophy of 'Transformation' at all levels. A Geometric Triangular shape melts into free form - that of birds taking flight. At Birla Open Minds, ideas transform into action, creativity takes flight and students are encouraged to constantly attain greater heights. Freedom of thought and expression aids the metamorphosis of children into innovative and sensitive individuals.

Board of Management

Shri Vinod Kumar Jain

Mr. Vinod Kumar Jain is a renowned industrialist and founder of Mahavir Inspire Group. He is an engineer by qualification.Mahavir Inspire Group is running business in the field of Coal Washeries (Mahavir Coal Washeries Private Limited)...

Smt. Ranjana Jain
Vice President

Smt. Ranjana Jain is vice president of Triveni Institute of Dental Sciences, Hospital & Research Centre. Her full life was devoted towards social service.

Dr. Vishal Kumar Jain

Dr. Vishal KumarJain is a qualified Radiologist & Educationist. He is the founder of Triveni Institute of Dental Sciences, Hospital& Research Centre.

Mr.Vikas Kumar Jain

Mr.Vikas Kumar Jain is a management graduate & involved in operations of Mahavir Inspire Group. His main aim is to start a pioneer school with International standards.



School Operations

Dr. Reshu Jain
Managing Director (Operations)

Dr. Reshu Jainis a medical graduate by profession & Managing Director of Triveni Institute of Dental Sciences, Hospital & Research Centre.

Dr.Varsha Jain
Managing Director (Finance)

Dr. Varsha Jain is an orthodontic doctor by profession and involved in running of Triveni Dental College. Her main aim is to start a global standard school with International repute.



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