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Birla Open Minds Preschool

Welcome to Birla Open Minds Preschool ''Ranked No. 1 Preschool in Hyderabad & Telangana for two consecutive years: 2015-16 & 2016-17. It is also ranked as No. 9 pan India by Education Today!!Birla Open Minds Preschool has received two more awards - "The Best School Franchisee" by Education World India Preschool Rankings for the academic year 2016-17 and also ranked amongst the top 5 preschools in the standalone preschool category, according to a survey conducted by Digital learning.

We are centrally located in the vicinity of Diamond Manjeera Towers, in Gopanpally. The school is located close to 'Aparna Sarovar, Aparna Cyber Commune, Aparna Zone and many other residential complexes. The location of the school provides the parents an opportunity to send their child to a 'Birla School' within the radius of two Kilometers and save the child from spending extra hours in the school bus.

Birla Open Minds Preschool is ranked amongst the best pre -schools because of the 'learning' conducive infrastructure, qualified and trained teachers and support staff, a wide range of skill building activities for their students and a well defined behavioral practices followed by the teachers and staff in their interactions with parents and other visitors.

We follow thematic curriculum which is developmentally appropriate and based on best practices in the field of early childhood care and education. The themes are nature and environment related which makes the learning process more applicable and fruitful. It is based on the premise that children learn best by 'constructing' their own knowledge in an affirmative, play laden, creative and intellectually rich social environment. Vibrant, verdant, spacious, dynamic and aesthetically designed learning spaces enchant children to explore and actively engage with their learning.

The curriculum encourages exploration, discovery and inquiry in natural environs in the beautiful school outdoors. The outdoor area is used extensively not only for free and structured play, but is also used for exploration activities, literacy time and for conducting story sessions. Children get opportunities to work collaboratively as well as choose activities according to their interest thereby building autonomy and initiative.

It also offers various other programs like 'Elevate Summer Camp' for 2-6 year olds which is an integrated explorative programme with a focus on language, drama, art, music and movement. After school day care; facility is also provided to help meet the needs of children and parents. 'Extended Day Care' is a structured programme wherein the child is involved in art activities, music, aerobics, yoga, outdoor play and story sessions.

Birla Open Minds Preschool facilitators bring the doctrines of progressive education alive through their knowledge of developmental theory, their cognizance of the early years and cutting-edge educational practices.

All programmes at Birla Open Minds Preschool are cohesively conjoined to fulfill the needs of the "whole child" and provide a robust learning edge to all its learners. Curriculum that moves away from content overload to conceptual understanding and that merges seamlessly with all national and international boards.

Our Journey

The Birla Open Minds Preschool is an initiative of Birla Edutech Limited. Birla Edutech Limited - a Yash Birla Group company has embarked on a journey to revolutionise education in India, by becoming educational transformers for learners across all educational segments - be it Preschool, K-12 school, continuous education, technological or vocational education.

The Birla family has a legacy of nation building and understands the significance of a high-quality education system. The Birla family has always been renowned for its focus on education and has the heritage of business and philanthropy that reflects on all the endeavours undertaken by them.

With over ten years of experience in the educational zone, Birla Edutech Ltd. has a complex network of over 60 educational institutions extended across 42 cities in 14 states of India.

Board of Management

Mr. D Sudhakar Reddy
Chairman & President

Mr. D. Sudhakar Reddy, Chairman and MD of DSR Infra Group, has always been a leader with innovative thoughts. Every Residential and commercial project built by the DSR group in Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Chennai...

Ms. Sharmila Reddy

A perfect blend of Excellence & Leadership, Ms Sharmila Reddy has to her educational credit, a Master`s in Computer Science Applications from Villa Marie's, Hyderabad.


School Operations

Ms. Pratima Sinha
Chief Executive Officer

Ms Pratima Sinha has thirty years of progressive qualitative experience in the field of education. She is a Post Graduate in Early Childhood Education. She has a Master's degree in Education, holds a diploma in Business English and Entrepreneur skills from Girls In Tech India.

Ms.Natasha Baruah
Centre Head

Ms. Natasha Baruah hails from the state of Assam and started an early career as a primary school teacher and gradually excelled in it by educating the middle school and high school children in life sciences and environmental education.


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