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Ms. Pratima Sinha : Chief Executive Officer

Ms Pratima Sinha has thirty years of progressive qualitative experience in the field of education. She is a Post Graduate in Early Childhood Education. She has a Master's degree in Education, holds a diploma in Business English and Entrepreneur skills from Girls In Tech India. She has headed schools with Indian curriculum (CBSE and ICSE) and International curriculum (IB and IGCSE). She has conducted school audits on Academic Quality Management, Evaluation, and Academic Interventions and has been the trainer. She has conducted various workshops for Heads of Institutions on Parent School Partnership, Thinking Schools and Introducing Life Skills through Theatre.

She is the member of the advisory board of IECS, an organization that mentors and conducts regular workshops for Heads of Schools. She has been an Observer and Centre Superintendent for NEET, CTET, Evidence of Assessment and JEE and has been appointed by CBSE as Inspector for School Affiliations. She was a mentor to teachers for CBSE initiative ‚ÄďAlternative to Home Work. She has also held the position of Treasurer at CBSE Hyderabad Sahodaya Chapter. She has attended many IB workshops and conferences and had been invited by Asia Pacific University (Ritsumeikan)Japan to study their program.

She is a member of Global Educators Association for Educational Research(GEARD) and is part of new initiatives started by the association. She has been a teacher, an administrator, consultant and has helped plan and develop curriculum, policies, quality management systems etc. She is known for her organizational excellence. She has also been part of training, monitoring and mentoring, and skill development.

She has also been awarded Finance Gurukul, Avantika Award and Fellowship award for Innovation.

Ms.Ramya Rajagopal

Ms. Ramya Rajagopal : Centre Head

"Ms Ramya Rajagopal has 19 years of experience in the field of education. She has done Masters of Commerce and Masters of Philosophy from a reputed college in Chennai. She holds PGDBA from Symbiosis Pune. She also holds the degree of Bachelor in Education. She is also certified in "Special learning disabilities in children". She is a member of the Early Childhood Association. She has a rich experience as a Center Head Preschool curriculum in reputed schools of Hyderabad and Chennai. She has conducted academic quality audits for various preschools. She has been a trainer and has conducted workshops for teachers. She has helped to plan and develop preschool curriculum. She was a speaker at the ECA forum on the topic "Enlivening Kindness". She strongly believes that the aim of education should be to foster the overall development of the child in becoming an empathetic human being which is more important than just developing the academic skills alone. She stands by the words of our father of nation Mahatma Gandhi - "By education I mean an all-round drawing out of the best in the child and man; body, mind and spirit."

She has been awarded "Teaching excellence award "and "Certificate of Excellence" for her contribution in the field of education."


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