Teachers & Parents

For our program to be successful, it is imperative that our teachers and parents work together for children to maximize their potential and the school supports this alliance through various planned collaborative exercises. Our teachers are carefully selected and bring forth a combination of requisite skills and attitude to work with children in the early years. The teachers undergo continuous professional development by experts to understand their own selves; to work in collaboration; to keep abreast with cutting edge research and innovation to ensure excellence in education and care of early learners. There is frequent coaching and mentoring for all teachers to provide regular feedback so that they can continue bettering their craft for our various programs. Our teachers are a team of classroom instructional leaders, creative and performing art specialists, special educators, counselors, care providers and nurses.

Parent orientation programme
Quarterly parent - teacher conferences
Volunteering in various celebrations, events and festivals
Active participation in the annual eco project by the school in consensus with the parents
Active participation in parent effectiveness workshops which stem from parental needs and expressed concerns on parenting struggles