Learning Environment

Our learning environment is cheerful, engaging and designed keeping in mind the needs of children. The furniture is ergonomic and safe; classroom spaces are aesthetic, uncluttered and organized; the materials and resources used are open ended while being non-toxic; learning is made amply visible through various displays and the whole environment is child compatible.


Learning centers are resource equipped centers set up throughout the classroom where children engage in activities of their choice. The centers for block play, dramatic play, language and literacy, math and manipulative, exploration, art and music have theme focused material. Play at these centers reinforces conceptual understanding as well as provides opportunities for differentiated learning.
Table top activities are teacher guided and provide focused learning experiences for small groups of children. They allow the teachers to have intense interactions with children and provide individual mentoring. Some of the activities children engage with are scientific exploration; art work; theme, literacy and numeracy fun sheets; concrete math manipulative and puzzles galore.
The centre of the classroom is free and has the celebrated circle. Whole group interactions during the circle time, music and movement activities and organized games build community, strong social skills and a spirit of belonging in the learners.
Children are exposed to dynamic learning environments, challenges and choices in activities, open ended questions, and interactions with peers and teachers. Working with colours and textures, engaging with music and movement and a plethora of other mediums with ample freedom ensure nurturance of the innate creativity in each child.
The verdant environs resplendent with vegetable patch, garden, trees and flowers aplenty in addition to equipment for play make a vibrant outdoor area. The outdoors are an extension of the classroom and children with their magnifying glasses and cane baskets can be found exploring, discovering and sharing the mysteries of nature.
Spacious and air conditioned classrooms
Fully equipped learning centres
Safe and hygienic indoors and outdoors
Well equipped outdoor space for enhancing physical and social skills
In house kitchen to prepare nutritious and delicious food for children
School transport
After school care and enrichment services