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Birla Open Minds, offers a comprehensive solution for education that envelopes the individual's learning, right from the formative early years to K-12 schooling.
Birla Open Minds encompasses wide - ranging interests in the sphere of high quality education with dedication to excellence. Our first Birla Open Minds School initiated its operations in 2010, and today, it has grown to 101+ Preschools and 90+ K-12 Schools throughout India. Birla Open Minds takes great pride in possessing a close-knit community of academicians, researchers and professionals. We focus on providing contemporary and world-class education for NURTURING INDIA'S TOMORROW. The Birla Open Mind schools provide a nurturing environment wherein young children feel loved, cared, secured, respected and valued. The school focuses on 4 C's: Care, Co-operation, Collaboration and Courtesy. We believe that today's children are tomorrow's leaders!

Why Choose BOMPS?

Integrated and Thematic
Focuses on learning through play
Multiple Intelligence
Experiental learning
Developmentally Appropriate
Individualized formative assessment
Activity Based Learning
Teacher Student ratio - 1:12
Holistic Development
Strong school - parent partnership
Nurtures sensitivity towards self, others and environment

Educational Programmes


The Parent Toddler Programme

Pre Nursery

Pre Nursery Programme

Nursery Programme

Nursery Programme

Kindergarten 1

Kindergarten 1 Programme

Kindergarten 2

Kindergarten 2 Programme