Empowering minds & enriching future leaders.

At Birla Open Minds Education Pvt Ltd, we stand at the forefront of shaping the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and innovators.

Rooted in a legacy of nation-building, our philosophy focuses on holistic education, nurturing young minds to excel academically and beyond.

With a presence spanning 23 states across India, encompassing over 112 cities and 191 Institutes (101+ Preschools and 90+ K12 Schools), we are committed to nurture young minds for success in the modern world.

Be a part of us in shaping a brighter tomorrow, one mind at a time.

Chairman's Message

Mr. Yash Birla

Chairman Birla Open Minds Education Pvt Ltd

The Birla family has a legacy of nation building and understands the importance of a high - quality education system. Birla Open Minds, has embarked on a journey to revolutionise education in India, by becoming educational change agents to learners across all educational segments - be it preschool, K-12 school, higher education, technological or vocational education. It promises to build a uniting culture, provide rich education, develop support educational solutions and develop a strong sense of community through each of its multifaceted institutions by nurturing sensitivity towards the Society, Economy and Environment.

Managing Director's Message

Mr. Nirvaan Birla

Managing Director Birla Open Minds Education Pvt Ltd

Education is the cornerstone of progress, and at Birla Open Minds Education Pvt. Ltd, we are committed to revolutionizing the educational landscape in India. Our vision is not just about imparting knowledge; it's about instilling a sense of purpose, fostering innovation, and nurturing holistic development of the future of India. With a widespread presence spanning across India, we are actively closing the gap in access to quality education.

Leading global education and transformation through accessible, engaging and impactful solutions

Empowering Individuals and organizations as strategic allies, our mission is to pioneer innovate educational solutions that enrich lives, unlock potential, and create a future where quality education is universally attainable.

Our Members

Mr. Nirvaan Birla

Managing Director
Birla Open Minds Education Pvt Ltd.

Mr. Nirvaan Birla is poised to propel Birla Open Minds Education Pvt Ltd to unprecedented success as the new Managing Director. His unwavering positivity, humility, and innovative spirit inspire the entire team to exceed expectations and honor commitments. Nirvaan's robust educational background underpins his visionary leadership. He holds a Master's degree in Management from the University of Westminster, London, and a Bachelor's degree in Commerce (Management Studies) from Mumbai University, where he graduated with top honors (Grade A).

Under Nirvaan's guidance, Birla Open Minds Education Pvt Ltd is set to embrace a future of growth and excellence. His dynamic approach and dedication to fostering a supportive and forward-thinking environment will undoubtedly drive the organization towards achieving its ambitious goals. As he takes the helm, the Birla Open Minds Education Pvt Ltd community eagerly anticipates the transformative impact of his leadership. With a clear vision and a relentless drive for innovation, Nirvaan Birla is committed to nurturing a culture of continuous improvement and success.

Mr. Yatharth Gautam

Director & COO
Birla Open Minds Education Pvt Ltd.

Mr. Yatharth Gautam stands out as a distinguished professional, boasting a BA (Hons) in International Business from Regents Business School, London, and an MBA in International Marketing from EU Business School, Barcelona. With over a decade of rich international experience, he has lived and worked in dynamic cities like London and Barcelona, where he held senior positions in top multinational corporations within the steel and service industries.

His hands-on expertise, exceptional leadership, and robust execution skills complement Mr. Yatharth's global perspective. These qualities have helped to shape the strategic direction of Birla Open Minds Education Pvt Ltd. Under his guidance, the brand has witnessed a remarkable expansion across India, establishing a significant presence in the education sector.

His strategic vision and commitment to excellence continue to drive Birla Open Minds Education Pvt Ltd towards new heights, ensuring the delivery of world-class education and fostering holistic development for students across the nation. Mr. Yatharth's journey is a testament to his dedication and passion for creating impactful educational experiences that resonate on a global scale.

Ms. Sarada Murali

Chief Financial Officer
Birla Open Minds Education Pvt Ltd.

Ms. Sarada Murali has a remarkable 24-year career in finance and accounts. A Chartered Accountant with extensive experience across Education, Banking, and Pharma sectors, she excels in driving technology-enabled processes and scaling businesses.Her expertise lies in leveraging technology to enhance operational efficiency and strategic decision-making, propelling organizations towards scalable success. Ms. Sarada’s leadership fosters a culture of collaboration and innovation, inspiring confidence and admiration among colleagues and peers.

Her commitment to excellence extends beyond professional accomplishments; Ms. Sarada actively mentors young professionals, contributing to the development of future finance leaders. Under her guidance, Birla Open Minds Education Pvt Ltd continues to thrive and achieve new heights in the education sector.

Ms. Sarada Murali epitomizes the qualities of an exemplary CFO, combining profound knowledge, strategic acumen, and unwavering dedication to financial excellence. Her leadership continues to inspire and elevate the financial performance of Birla Open Minds Education Pvt Ltd.

Ms. Satwant Palekar

Head – Academics
Birla Open Minds Education Pvt Ltd.

Ms. Satwant Palekar is a seasoned academician with three decades of experience in pre-K–12 education and technology in education, with expertise in the curriculum of India, the USA, the UK, and Estonia, along with academic operations in these countries. Ms. Palekar has headed schools in India and abroad as a Science and Math educator, Head teacher, and curriculum leader. She has authored three books in Chemistry and has been an examiner and team leader for the ICSE and CBSE examinations in grades 10 and 12.Ms. Palekar is a British Council School Ambassador and a validated trainer at the British Council as a core skills trainer, having trained 2000+ educators and leaders in India and the UK. She is an assessor and trainer with the British Council, COBIS, NABET, and QCI. She has assessed over 200+ schools on quality management systems in India, the UK, and the UAE.

Her strong inclination towards technology has been instrumental in developing the LMS and parent apps at international and national levels, along with amalgamating technology in education by infusing simulations, analytics, AR, VR, and AI in learning spaces to make learning joyful

Ms. Palekar has a double Master's in Physical Chemistry and Solid State Physics from Mumbai University and a B. Ed. from Bombay Teachers' Training College. With leadership in education from the University of West Georgia, Atlanta, USA, and ICTPIED from the University of Hull, UK. She has contributed to Ofsted, UK.

Ms.Priti Ambekar

Head - Preschool
Birla Open Minds Education Pvt Ltd.

With over 25 years dedicated to early childhood education, Ms. Priti Ambekar has actively worked to incorporate inclusive learning. She monitored and introduced innovative methods to encourage the “Early Intervention for Children” in her own Centre called the “MY MIND MAPS”.

Holding multiple diplomas, including from Cambridge University, and a Master's in Education, she is also a certified Mind Map trainer. Priti has designed innovative teacher training modules and conducts workshops on school management and teaching methodologies.

Her expertise in curriculum development and preschool setup has shaped the foundational years of many children. Ms. Priti's core belief is that each child is unique, hence as educators, we should advocate for a loving, individualized approach to stimulate growth and learning. Her work has made a significant impact, fostering compassionate and effective educators


Ms Pushpa Chandel

General Manager – Academics
Birla Open Minds Education Pvt Ltd.

Ms. Pushpa Chandel is a highly accomplished professional with extensive experience in the education sector. She holds an M.B.A. from JBIMS and certifications in Leadership and Change Management (XLRI) and Learning and Development (KPMG), alongside an M. Sc. B. Ed. With over 18 years of diverse experience spanning schools, publishing, and Ed-Tech, Pushpa has excelled in various roles namely, School Principal, Head Operations and implementation and Organization Development consultant. She has excelled in all the roles with positive impact. She has consistently delivered outstanding results and fostered continuous growth throughout her dynamic career. Her unwavering commitment to enhancing the learning experience, coupled with her passion for education, has profoundly impacted countless students and educators.

Mr.Jayprakash Yadav

Head-Information Technology
Birla Open Minds Education Pvt Ltd.

An accomplished and visionary leader with over 18 years of robust experience in Information Technology,including more than 13 years in senior IT leadership roles

He has expertise in spearheading ERP implementations, cloud solutions, e-commerce platforms, and EdTech innovations. Proven track record of driving technological advancements and fostering digital transformations across diverse industries, including media, manufacturing, real estate, retail, and education technology.

Adept at leading cross-functional teams, managing large-scale projects, and aligning technology strategies with business goals to achieve sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

Mr.Vijay Anand

General Manager – Sales – K12
Birla Open Minds Education Pvt Ltd.

Mr. Vijay Anand, a seasoned marketing and sales specialist, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Armed with an MBA from the prestigious Lalit Narayan Mithila University in Darbhanga, Bihar, He has dedicated 17 years to mastering the art of business growth and customer engagement.

Over the years, Mr. Vijay has carved a niche in franchise acquisition and management, dedicating seven years to helping businesses expand their footprints. His extensive background spans various critical segments including customer support, branding, event management, relationship management, and sales and marketing.

Mr. Vijay's strategic approach and innovative solutions have consistently driven impressive results, earning him a reputation as a dynamic and results-oriented professional. Whether it's building strong customer relationships or executing high-impact marketing campaigns, his skills and dedication ensure success.

Mr.Mukesh Mishra

General Manager – Franchise Relations
Birla Open Minds Education Pvt Ltd.

Mr. Mukesh Mishra, an accomplished Sales and Operations expert, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. With an MBA from Wigan and Leigh College Mumbai, he has dedicated 15 years to working with multiple educational institutions. His specialization lies in developing franchise networks, launching new initiatives, and executing effective promotions and marketing strategies for various brands across India.

Mr. Mukesh's pivotal role in nurturing and expanding the Footprints brand across the region stands as a testament to his skill and dedication. Known for his ambitious and enthusiastic approach, he consistently achieves outstanding results. His team-oriented mindset and commitment to building strong relationships with business associates and team members set him apart as a leader in his field.

His strategic vision and operational expertise continue to drive success and growth for the institution. Mr. Mukesh Mishra's proven track record and dedication to excellence make him a valuable asset to any organization.

Mr. Ganesh Makad

Manager- Human Resource
Birla Open Minds Education Pvt Ltd.

Mr. Ganesh Makad brings over 8 years of rich experience in the HR sector, showcasing expertise in various HR dimensions. His skill set spans talent acquisition, employee relations, performance management, and organizational development.Holding a Bachelor's Degree in Financial Markets, Mr. Ganesh is well-equipped to navigate the complexities of today's dynamic workforce.

In a surprising yet captivating twist, Mr. Ganesh is also a certified interior designer accredited by the Tropaic, showcasing his innate creativity and penchant for aesthetic innovation. This unique blend of qualifications underscores his ability to approach challenges from diverse perspectives, fostering innovative solutions and fostering an inclusive work environment.

Mr. Ganesh firmly believes that this is an exciting era for the field of education. His passion for continuous learning and development drives his commitment to fostering an environment where both individuals and organizations thrive.

Ms. Kanchi Jain

Senior Manager - Brand Communication and Strategy
Birla Open Minds Education Pvt Ltd.

With over nine years of experience, Ms. Kanchi Jain excels in Public Relations, Digital Marketing, Social Media Content, and Brand Communication. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Financial Markets, blending analytical insight with a creative strategy to drive brand success.Kanchi's career highlights include executing multifaceted PR campaigns, developing innovative digital marketing strategies, and creating engaging social media content. Her expertise ensures brands maintain a strong, positive public image and a compelling online presence.

Known for her visionary leadership, Kanchi thrives in fast-paced environments, leading teams with creativity and precision. Her dedication to excellence and continuous learning keeps her at the forefront of industry trends.

Dr.Mukta Sharma

General Manager – Training
Birla Open Minds Education Pvt Ltd.

Dr. Mukta Sharma is a passionate and dynamic professional with diverse experience in the training industry, including but not limited to training, coaching and mentoring of school principals, Asst. Commissioners, leaders, teachers and corporate professionals. She has twenty-five years of experience in education, biotech and IT industry in and outside India across profiles and organizations. Dr. Mukta Sharma has experienced various facets of the education industry, the prominent ones being School administration, curriculum design & implementation, professional development of practicing & aspiring teachers, coaching & mentoring, etc.

Dr. Sharma’s Forte lies in pedagogical and leadership development sessions for enhancing personal and professional effectiveness of participants.